Louis Vuitton and Tate Gallery
Satellite Voices, with Dazed & Confused + Swatch behind, and also on theAvant Garde The Diaries of Mercdes-Benz. Amid all this, in a partnership between Tate Modern, London, Whitechapel Gallery and Louis Vuitton wasfounded Recreative UK, a site that aims to group portfolios of artists from various parts of the world and make them work on creative projects within the site, withdeadlines and specific issues. The proposal was born in the Louis Vuitton Arts Projects program, launched in 2o10, and were the students who developed the whole structure and visual design. Besides having a huge variety of jobs, choosethe site every month an artist will have their work evaluated by an art critic.Below, Jefferson Hack, founder of Dazed & Confused, in an interview for theExperts section, Recreative the UK. @Reproduction.

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